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Dropping and Swab Testing Service by Pigeon Testing Centre (girls from Belgica)

Included in the package:
Sample vials
Addressed bubble envelope

The Pigeon Testing Centre dropping and swab testing service provides a fast and thorough microscopic examination providing an interpretation of your pigeons droppings. Regular testing is recommended before breeding, racing, moulting or at the first signs of disease. Optimum loft health can be maintained through appropriate targeted management at the first signs of illness. Microscopic testing can help alert the fancier to possible health matters or hygiene concerns within the loft environment.

• Full testing for worms
• Full Coccidiosis count
• Canker & Crop swab test

Please remember Tumley Supplies only supplies the test kit, Pigeon Testing Centre who you send the sample to provide the analysis results so you need to contact them for any follow ups.