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Golden Boost

For fanciers to mix their own “Golden Boost”.

This dietary supplement was formulated especially for nestlings, but proved so popular with fanciers racing to a hard and rigorous schedule that it developed into a ‘must have’ item in the preparation of birds being built up and maintained in top racing fitness.

The original formula is still in use with one invaluable extra commodity which adds vital elements to the feed. “FCC” as the concentrate is known, is such a firm favourite that winners all the way from sprints to Barcelona use it in their preparation, adding it to coarse oatmeal as shown in the instructions on every package.

The final product is widely known as “The Golden Boost”. It has many imitators but no equal!

PLEASE NOTE: Fortified Calcium Concentrate must be mixed with other ingredients to make the finished product called Golden Boost.

  • Dissolve 50g (two tablespoons) of sugar in 142ml (quarter pint) of water and allow to cool
  • Place 900g (2lb) coarse Pinhead Oatmeal or Groats into a mixing bowl, stir in 15g (2 desert spoons) of Fortified Calcium Concentrate, 15ml (3 teaspoons) Cod Liver Oil and the quarter pint of dissolved sugar water
  • Mix the above mixture thoroughly and allow to stand overnight. You now have GOLDEN BOOST. When dry, the mixture may tend to be crusty but will crumble easily.
  • Feed 10g per pigeon per day.