Harkers Wonder Turbo


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New to the UK!- Wonder Turbo

Wonder Turbo is our masterpiece, the result of two years of studies followed by two years of field tests. It is an innovative mix of fatty acids with enhanced properties to benefit the health and metabolism of a pigeon, during periods of competition, stress and illness.

  • Natural antibacterial activity- healthy pigeons need less medication
  • Better digestion- more efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Faster recovery after racing and stress- pigeons ready again in days or even hours
  • More energy and power- muscles with more fuel to bur
  • Optimization of metabolism- super vitality, better droppings, silky feathers
  • Stronger immune system- pigeons develop a natural resistance to illness and disease
  • No contraindications- use alongside any other product
  • Improved taste and smell- pigeons drink better

Available in 500g and 1kg

Instructions for use

The everyday dosage is 2 to 3ml per litre of drinking water or 4 to 6ml per kg of food. In cases of weakness, efforts and stress the dose should be doubled

Racing season: race day and day after the race give 3ml per litre.

Day of basketing and day before give 4ml per litre or 8ml per kg of food

WT vs WONDER Products
The colour is a warm red and we decided to work on the smell and taste adding some specific flavours.
The result is a super product not only for pigeons but for fanciers too.