Johnson’s Poultry Mite & Lice Powder 250g


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Johnson’s Poultry Mite & Lice Powder is a natural, non-toxic Diatomaceous Earth.

Suitable for Pigeons and Pigeon Lofts.

An absorbent drying agent for use in bedding and housing. The product absorbs moisture, creating a dry environment discouraging the damp habitats where crawling insects thrive.

Apply directly using 3-4g per bird.

Can be used in housing, etc. where mites breed, paying particular attention to corners, cracks, perches, nesting areas etc.

Controls External Parasites

Johnson’s Poultry Mite & Lice Powder kills mites, lice and fleas by destroying the waxy coating present on insects.

Suitable for use on the birds directly and also in the coops and bedding areas.

Natural organic formulation using diatomaceous earth powder which works by causing the insect pests to dehydrate.

250g bottle