Management of the Racing Pigeon – Old Hand


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Provides a useful and informative description of a successful management system – ideal for the novice fancier.

Clearly illustrates how to set about adopting a successful system of daily management based on the tried and trusted routines of champion fanciers.

Chapter headings include:

1)      The Management of Young Racing Pigeons

2)      The Effect of Strain on Young and Old Racing Pigeons

3)      Plumage Colours and Breeding

4)      The Cause of Weakness in Legs and the Wings of Racing Pigeons

5)      The Cause of the Blood Quill

6)      Trouble with the Pigeon’s Plumage

7)      A New Kind of Racing Pigeon Diet

8)      Respiratory Disease

9)      Disposing of Unnecessary Weight

10)   The Problem of Sleep and the Racing Pigeon

11)   The Golden Boost Formula

12)   Viola Tricolor for Racing Pigeons