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Mitex, powder 2kg

Natural Insect, Mites and Red Mite Control for Pigeons

Insects and mites have a waxy protective layer on their body to prevent themselves from drying out.

Mitex is a made up from fossilised diatoms (algae). Diatoms have thousands of microscopic sharp edges, which can penetrate that waxy protective layer, consequently dehydrating and killing the insects and mites.

Mitex is a highly effective and safe way of controlling red mite infestation and disrupting red mite life cycle.

Not all DE are the same, we manufacture Mitex with high quality material to ensure safe and effective use.

FEMAS accredited.

Key Benefits

  • Chemical and pesticide free.
  • Safe to use directly on birds and within their loft and environment to eradicate existing mites.
  • Can be used as a preventative method to stop infestations from occurring.
  • Is a versatile and effective drying agent, and can be dusted in all critical areas.
  • Natural and odour free.
  • Approved by OF&G as suitable for use in Organic Systems.

How to Use

Use at a rate of 15 – 30 g/m2.

Routine & Preventative Use

  • Remove all bedding and organic matter from the loft and clean thoroughly.
  • Spread Mitex throughout the loft, concentrating on ledges and around nest boxes so the mites have to move through it to access the birds.
  • Ensure to dust into the cracks and crevices as far as possible, especially around nesting areas.
  • Treat prior to bird placement and at 15-day intervals.


  • Mitex can be safely applied directly onto the birds.
  • Hold birds carefully and dust through the feathers.
  • Following an infestation, repeat Mitex application every 3 – 4 days to ensure the life cycle of the mites are broken, and that any unseen, newly hatched mites are treated.

Making a dust bathing area containing Mitex is also recommended as this is their natural way of getting rid of pests and mites.

Once opened, ensure the bag is tightly sealed between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat and damp conditions.