PLG + Water Treatment – Bamfords Top Flight – pigeon


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PLG+ Water Treatment

PLG is an all natural blend of organic acids for the control of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other disease causing microbes that are spread through the drinking or bath water. PLG creates an acidic environment within the pigeon which inhibits pathogen development and kills the disease producing organisms that lead to salmonella, E-Coli, Pigeon Pox virus, Paramyxovirus, yeasts, canker, coccidiosis, respiratory etc. Also prevents build up of slime and algae in the drinkers and bath water.

• Helps control yeasts, viruses & bacteria such as Salmonella & E-coli
• Maximises intestinal health and aids digestion
• Promotes the fall of down
• Produces smaller, drier droppings, topped with down feathers
• Improves feather quality (particularly valuable during Moulting)
• Helps clear the Respiratory system when used as a fogger
• Prevents build up of slime and algae in drinkers and bath water
• Safe, easy and economical to use

500ml bottle

Directions for Use:

Shake well before use
Dilution: 5mls to 5ltrs of drinking/bath water as required.
Routine Treatment: 2 days per week (recommended days are Sunday & Wednesday during racing season)
Treatment for outbreak: 20mls to 5ltrs for 5 days.
As Spray Mist for loft: 20mls to 5ltrs