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Sport B

High Energy Micronutrient Supplement
Sport B is the all new athletic performance micronutrient supplement designed to compliment and maximise energy impact. This powerful vitamin B supplement will help to readily convert proteins and carbohydrates into accessible energy prior to physical exercise and athletic performance during racing or rehabilitation after illness. Sport B is blended from vitamins and iron into a special energy packed base material which is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Increased energy will help your race birds power home.

High Energy – Iron – B6 – B12 Concentrated Micronutrient Tonic.

Direction for use – For races up to 200 miles add Sport B 10ml to 2 litres of drinking water 48 hours prior to the race (ie Thursday for Saturday liberation). Remove 24 hours later replacing with fresh clean water to provide proper system re-hydration prior to strenuous exercise. For 200+ mile races add Sport B 20ml to 2 litres of drinking water two days before marking and then give fresh clean water for proper system re-hydration for at least 12 hours before the bird leaves the loft.

For use after illness or as a pick me up add Sport B 20ml per 2 litres of drinking water for 2-3 days as required.