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Sport C

Calcium is the predominant mineral in a pigeons body comprising of about 1.5% of the overall weight. Calcium is vital for bones, egg shell formation and blood clotting as well as for nerves, muscle and enzyme systems. Sport C has been formulated especially for pigeons as a supplement to aid the diet during breeding, rearing and youngster growth. Calcium absorption is regulated by Vitamin D3 and Phosphorus. Sport C helps to augment this uptake within the upper and lower intestines to maintain a constant and level nutritional supply. Sport C should be used as directed during the breeding season and for youngsters from weaning through to racing. It is important that Sport C is used with high protein diets to assist with calcium absorption. Avoid high fat diets as these could impede rapid absorption.

Approx specification per litre at time of manufacture. Vit D 100,000 iu, Calcium 0.96%, Magnesium 00036%, Phosphorous 0.62%.

Direction for use – Breeding season, from two weeks before pairing until hatching add Sport C 10ml to 2 litres of water twice weekly. Young Birds – from weaning until racing add Sport C 5ml to 2 litres of drinking water once weekly. Sport C can be mixed with Sport V if required.