Bamfords Top Flight Red Rosette – pigeon corn


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Red Rosette

Red Rosette is a contemporary racing mix with 15 carefully chosen ingredients, designed to fulfil the performance potential of racing pigeons. Contains a unique 3 maize combination of top quality Orange Gritz Maize, Cribs Maize and Red Bordeaux Maize. These are complemented with the finest protein and carbohydrate foods available to provide a well balanced diet.

• Unique blend
• High Energy
• Visually attractive and nutritionally balanced
• Great value
• Can be used throughout the racing season


Orange Gritz Maize, Safflower, Wheat, White Dari, Red Dari, Blue Peas, Cribs Maize, Paddy Rice, Red Maize, Maples, Tares, Buckwheat, Mung Beans, Toasted Soya Beans.

Feeding Instructions:

Replenish feed daily to ensure freshness. Ensure fresh, clean water is always available for drinking and bathing.

Available In: 20kg Bags.