Ulti-Max, All in One Supplement- Osmonds – pigeon


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Osmonds Ulti-Max is the Ultimate all-in-one supplement to keep your birds at their optimum condition and performance at all stages A complete formula combining essential vitamins, minerals, Trace Elements & Amino Acids as well as hard grits inc. Red Stone, yeast, seaweed, conditioning seeds & omega oils, all flavoured with Aniseed.


SEAWEED – All-natural source of nutrients.

MICRONISED LINSEED – High in health giving Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

DRIED HERBS – Assists digestion to provide optimum feed utilisation. Helps maintain general condition & growth.

NUTRIMIN – Mycotoxin and ammonia binder.

ANISEED – For flavouring. GRITS – Flint, limestone, Cockleshells, Red stone, Oystershell and Charcoal.

YEAST – Supports health & performance at all stages. Helps support a well-balanced immune system and improved intestinal function.

CONDITIONING OIL SEEDS – Red Dari, Safflower, Sudanese / Indian White Dari, Mixed Millet, Hempseed.

Feeding Instructions:

Offer a small amount to the birds in a clean pot.

Mix well before feeding.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.