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Cowood Wheatgerm Oil

On your shopping list in preparation for the breeding season please consider adding “Wheatgerm Oil” to their feed. One of the richest forms of Vit E (Fertility Vitamin).
Other oils such as the mixed Energy 9 Oils also work well with the moulting period. They are reasonably cheap and go a long way.
Vitamin E is the most powerful anti-oxidant vitamin in the body whose prime function is to help scavenge highly reactive free radicals, by-products of oxygen metabolism. Vitamin E protects polyunsaturated fats and other vital nutrients such as Vitamin A, the B-Complex vitamins and Vitamin C from oxidation.
Antioxidant Vitamin E is also known for its essential role in cellular respiration and helps to ensure the efficient use of oxygen by the blood and muscles. It is favoured by sports people working to increase their stamina and endurance by training their heart and circulatory systems.
Vitamin E is necessary for the health of the reproductive system, the integrity of the red blood cells and for the functioning of the white blood cells of the immune system. Menopausal women may choose to supplement with vitamin E.
Mix at a rate of 5 – 10ml per 1kg of food
Available in 1 x 500ml

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