Y40 – Pigeon Health

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Crop Health
Feed additives, high sugar diets, micro-nutrient supplements, frequent antibiotic use, stress, tiredness and illness can disturb the balance between beneficial bacteria and the yeast present in a healthy digestive system. Y40 can be used to help maintain the pigeons own management of the crop and digestive system. It is often used in combination with FlorBio. The crop is essential for temporary food storage, the start of the digestion process and the production of pigeon milk. Any stress or inbalance caused by aggrevation or illness in this process can seriously upset the nutritional uptake of food and supplements.


Contains an aqueous infusion of herbal extracts, bioflavanoids, fruit acids, circuminoids, phytonutrients and mineral extracts.

Directions for use – Add 10ml (2 teaspoons) to 2 litres of drinking water or 2kg of feed, use once weekly routinely or if required for up to 5-7days continuously.