Atemfrei, respiratiory, vitality – Rohnfried – pigeon


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Atemfrei – vitality, immune system, respiratory stimulation

  •  Frees the airways
  •  Strengthens the immune response
  •  Pure, natural herbal oils

Atemfrei (breathing freely) is an herbal elixir, which contains various herbal oils such as liquorice, thyme, anise, fennel, and peppermint. These oils stimulate the metabolism inside the respiratory tract and promote the immune response. This increases the vitality of pigeons. Top quality herbal oils with their aromatic flavour and added vitamin C and zinc support the physiological functions of the respiratory tract.

Feeding Recommendations

Atemfrei may be added to the drinking water or the feed:
10 ml per 1 Litre drinking water
15 ml per 1 kg feed

Size: 500ml