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Sport Herb

Natural Herbal Infusion
During strenuous physical exercise the pigeons body will convert energy molecules ‘micronutrients’ such as carbohydrates into smaller molecules through a series of natural enzyme processes, cycles and reactions. This energy is the power behind your pigeon. This energy conversion process can cause a build up of unwanted toxins within the system that the pigeons digestive and renal systems will need to remove. SportHerb is a specific blend that has a soothing and relaxing effect and helps as a detoxifier and anti-oxidant.

Contains an aqueous infusion of herbal extracts of dried fruits, nuts, leaves, flowers, seeds, grasses, barks, roots plus bioflavanoids, fruit acids, circuminoids, phytonutrients and mineral extracts.

Direction for use – 1. Day after the race (ie Sunday if Saturday racing), add SportHerb at the rate of 10ml to 2 litres of luke warm drinking water. Leave in front of the pigeons for approx 24 hours. 2. For use as a detoxifier add SportHerb 20ml (four teaspoons) to 2 litres of luke warm drinking water for up to three days. SportHerb can be mixed with other products and vitamins.