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White Sesqui tablets are formulated to counter the deficiencies in so many modern crops that are grown in fields starved of organic nutrients.

These deficiencies create the conditions that cause Polyneuritis which gives rise to the collapse of the bird’s nervous system, falling over backwards, rigor and death. Rich in B Complex Vitamins they complete the needs of young and growing stock, and of birds subject to a demanding routine, racing, rearing etc.

For over 60 years “The Fancier’s Friend” has settled and soothed the multi-magnitude of problems that beset pigeons, under the heading of “Going Light” when a bird loses its lustrous sheen, balance, vigour, and weight in staggering fashion, and curls up in a corner giving every indication that all it wanted to do was die in peace.

The pool of blackish green sludge puddling under its feet tell a tale of “something wrong” that nobody seems able to pinpoint. Sometimes the bird recovers, but never seems quite the same afterwards, most just die. When “Going Light” is the problem, “White Sesqui” (formulated by the inimitable “Old Hand” ® who served the “Pigeon Racing News & Gazette” for 44 years) proves the equal of this evil wretchedness, and soothes, settles and sweetens the digestion of the bird so that it is able to continue in its normal function, showing a remarkable recovery within 48 hours at most.

Contents 25 Tablets

1 tablet per pigeon