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Protein Plus is a protein concentrate supplemented with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, nutrient elements for the musculo-articular system, skin and feathers, antioxidants, enriched with essential fatty acids (omega 3), immunomodulators (glucans) and methionine, ideal for racing season, moulting season, reproduction, for the growth period and for restoration in the cold season.


soy protein, whey protein, colostrum, alfalfa powder, brewer’s yeast


5 g (1 measure) / kg grains.

Race: 2 – 4 times before basketing day and 2 – 4 times after race, depending on the difficulty.

Reproduction, youngsters and moulting: 2-3 times/week.


Store in a dry place at temperatures not exceeding 25° C. Keep in original packaging, away from humidity and direct sunlight. Do not use after expiring date. Keep out of reach of children.