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Sport V

Vitamin Enriched Liquid Supplement
Sport V is the all new enhanced and enriched vitamin, mineral, macro mineral and trace element liquid supplement. Packed full of the essential organic and inorganic chemical elements and compounds for all your pigeons need to maintain growth. Sport V is ideal to use as a breeding tonic, young bird tonic, moulting and darkness tonic. Also ideal as a sprint racing supplement, middle to extreme distance racing and as a general vitamin supplement after medication or illness.

Average composition per litre at date of manufacture Vit A 1,200,000 iu, Vit D3 320,000 iu, Vit E 640 iu, Vit B1 80 mg, Vit B2 80mg, Vit B 80mg, Vit B12 400mcg, Vit C 400 mg, Nicotinamide 800 mg, d-panto 200 mg Folic Acid 20mg, Biotin 800 mcg, Vit K3 80 mg, Methionine 800 mg, Lysine 1,200mg.

Direction for use – Mix 5ml of Sport V to 2 litres of drinking water twice weekly routinely during the breeding season, moulting season, winter period and for youngsters. For regeneration of the system during the race season up to 200 miles mix 10ml of Sport V to 2 litres of drinking water 48 hours after racing ie (Monday if Saturday racing) 200+ miles mix 20ml of Sport V to 2 litres of drinking water 48 hours after racing, as above for two consecutive days.