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Maintain Natural Health
WorMUNE has been formulated using a unique thermal extraction process. The natural management and control of internal parasites by the bird from parasites such as roundworms and hairworms requires a strong, stressfree immune and digestive system. WorMUNE is not an Anthelmintic, but can be integrated with coventional worming agents to help the bird to mantain natural health and gut condition, and possibly reduce the use of harmful chemical substances that can upset and irritate the intestines. Always consult proper Veterinary Advice. Use a good disinfectant on all loft surfaces.


Contains an aqueous infusion of herbal extracts, bioflavanoids, fruit acids, circuminoids, phytonutrients and mineral extracts.

Directions for use – Add 10ml (2 teaspoons) to 2 litres of drinking water for 48 hours. Repeat for 24 hours 10 days later then use routinely once monthly.