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Progem Plus

A unique triple action product – Progem-Plus is a complex nutritional supplement comprising amino acids, immuno-stimulants, vitamins, trace nutrients combined with beneficial probiotic bacteria and a sulphur – rich plant extract.

The microbial supplement comprises beneficial lactic acid bacteria which create a stable environment within the gastro intestinal tract and reduces the need for precious energy to be expended averting adverse challenges.

The benefits of vitamin and trace nutrient supplements cannot be underestimated. Although often present in small or even minute amounts, trace nutrients are of major importance. Trace element deficiencies tend to be subtle but quite insidious in their effects. Similarly, vitamins are organic substances which are required in remarkably small amounts for maintenance and normal development and their absence/defiency can have dire consequences. Simply add to birds drinking water.

A UNIQUE TRIPLE ACTION PRODUCT – Beta 1,3 Glucans are specific factors which help support the immune system of the racing pigeon. In addition Progem contains Elderberry, Propolis and Allicin all of which help ward off disease challenges which can occur in the most hygienic conditions.

A Complete spectrum of amino acids that are a rich source of B vitamins required by racing Pigeons to maximise performance with Fructooligosaccharides natural sugars that feed the ‘good bacteria’ in the birds gut, but are not readily available for the bad bugs.

Progem is designed to either be fed on the corn, or can be used in the drinkers. Simply sprinkle I scoop over 1 kilo of damped corn, or scoop into 2 litres of water.

Strongly recommended after any treatments given to birds

Use twice per week for race team, especially YB’s were the stress of training and racing can quickly bring on YB sickness if the fancier is not observant.

Try Progem for three days and see the difference it makes to the droppings.
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